Maintaining a beautiful landscape in the Amarillo or Pampa, TX areas is a breeze when you rely on Reeder Landscape for lawn maintenance services. We can complete your weekly chores like lawn mowing and provide seasonal services like snow removal, all of which are designed to save you time, money and effort.

Routine lawn maintenance, which includes mowing and fertilizing, is crucial to...

Cultivating weather- and pest-resistant turfgrass
Enjoying a lush, green lawn all year long
Preventing weed growth

Be sure to take advantage of our irrigation services to conserve water during droughts. We partner with WaterSense to improve the efficiency of our clients' irrigation systems.

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Fighting an uphill battle against weeds?

Fighting an uphill battle against weeds?

Then take advantage of our year-round lawn treatment service in the Amarillo or Pampa, TX areas. We can treat your yard for weeds like ryegrass, crabgrass, witchgrass and bentgrass two to six times per year, depending on your needs.

Our lawn treatment service includes hand-pulling weeds or the use of pre- or postemergent herbicides. Call 806-356-6163 now for a free estimate.